Hello and Welcome, Quick note - If you are looking for NAET or Reiki sessions, please reach out to me directly (440) 241-7926-texting welcome! Please note that as of 2004, massage therapy fees have added sales taxes (6.75% for Novelty). If you receive a referral or prescription from a prescribing physician, taxes will be waived. These are renewable every 12 months with your referring/prescribing health care provider. I appreciate your understanding of this update. For more information: https://tax.ohio.gov/business/ohio-business-taxes/sales-and-use/information-releases/st2003draft I am asking for all clients, new and returning to complete the online health history as I am streamlining my records systems into this program. Let's make sure I have your current information. If you are booking online and do NOT see the date/time you are looking for, please text Kris (440) 241-7926 and see what we can do to get you in.

Body, Mind, and Soul offer a variety of alternative services to aid with whatever your life health journey might be.

Please arrive 5-10 min early for a quick check-in so we can begin on time and you can receive a full session.

You may choose to combine any of these treatments.  Please ask for more details.

NAET - Allergy Elimination Technique is an amazing way to decrease or rid your body of a multitude of allergies, sensitivities, and body imbalances.  Through muscle testing, breath work, acupressure, a quick reset period, and in some cases a 25 avoidance period we can reset your body and help you enjoy your life more. www.naet.com

Massage Therapy - Together we tailor a treatment plan just for you and your specific healing needs.  Whether it be relaxation/stress relief, injury rehab, injury prevention, or surgery rehab, we plan together to help you heal.

Reiki - A gentle healing technique that is used to assist your body in finding its own balance.  Light hands or no touching is a wonderful alternative for folks who don't like to be touched or have a sensory condition.


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